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Transportation Services for Dialysis Patients (Pilot Project)
Access to Transportation plays a vital role in determining smooth and uninterrupted treatment for dialysis patients. However, this comes as a big hurdle to those from economically marginalized backgrounds, and some even compromise their regular treatment to escape the brunt of financial suffering.
As a temporary measure, the Foundation supported with actual transportation fare to those patients in need of such support since 2015.

Piloting the service with a sustainability approach, the Foundation deployed its pool vehicle (donated by

Early Learning Centre Thimphu and ELC High School) starting March 2021 to transport dialysis patients commuting from Paro to Thimphu and back home.
A total of 4 dialysis patients and 2 attendants are accommodated in its pool vehicle for 2 sessions weekly. The Foundation strives towards increasing the frequency to reach out more economically marginalized beneficiaries.

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